Karen Webster

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

What to expect in a Trauma Sensitive Yoga class?

An opportunity to take a yoga class with a trauma Sensitive yoga teacher.

Your teacher will be Sensitive about triggers, flashbacks, dissociative states & overwhelming emotions make space for you to step out of any practice and any class attend to dynamics of safety, especially as they might effect trauma survivors have contact details of reputable trauma therapists.

Things to consider before trying Trauma Sensitive Yoga class?

TSY classes are not therapy, participants will not be asked to share their trauma histories or to process their memories although your TSY teacher may well be a therapist, a clinician or even a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator, s/he will not be in the class to offer these services.

TSY is not considered useful if you have needed a hospitalisation within the last 6 months, for trauma related experiences. If you have questions about our services or would like to try TSY, please feel free to look our Booking page.

Sometimes we want to take a regular yoga class, learn how to make some yoga shapes, sweat, feel strong & flexible, meet some new people but it doesn't feel safe.

A number of things may feel unsafe in a yoga class, especially for trauma survivors:
  • The class is large and people are close together.
  • The instructor dresses in revealing clothes.
  • You're touched without being asked.
  • The class always involves partner work.
  • Students are singled out with compliments & criticisms.
  • Students are expected to wear tight 'yoga' clothing.
  • There is little understanding of the triggering or dissociative potential of yoga props eg. straps and blocks.
  • There is little understanding of the triggering or dissociative potential of metaphorical language eg. stand as though like a tree, rooted to the ground.
  • Although variations are offered, instruction is commanding in tone, rather than invitational emphasis is placed on achieving an ideal, externally judged shape.

If any of the above have bothered you, it might be that a Trauma Sensitive Yoga class would suit you better.

About Karen

Karen is an intermediate level Iyengar teacher and has an R.S.A cetificate in counseling and been running classes from a studio in Bournemouth for the past sixteen years. She has experience in working with clients who have suffered childhood trauma.

One of her key concepts is to create a safe place for men and women to practice yoga and mindfulness. She considers mindfulness a huge part of her daily life and incorporates this into her teaching, which developed from first-hand experience of childhood trauma.

Body-based practices has helped with her own personal recovery, which drew her to TCTSY training. She completed the 20-hour TCTSY workshop in London in April, 2017 and has now graduated as a certified TCTSY Facilitator.

Trauma Sensitive classes

Trauma Sensitive classes,(TCTSY) were specifically created for people suffering from Complex and Developmental Trauma, also known as (Treatment Resistant PTSD). traumacenter.org

Karen's classes create a safe place for clients to explore and experience TSY. Her classes provide opportunities for clients to notice how they might feel whilst making a Yoga shape. The emphasis is not on the external shape but on the experience of making a shape and how that might be perceived by the client.

Feel free to contact Karen to see if TSY might be suitable for you, via skype email or phone

Personal Sessions

Karen also offers personal TCTSY (Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga) sessions.

Get in touch

Contact Karen for more information at karenw.yoga@yahoo.co.uk or call on 07926570555 alternatively complete the form below.